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This is an agreement (“Terms & Conditions” or “T&C”) between you (a natural or legal person), who wants to use (“User”) the website of Caldr (www.caldr.com), and Caldr, a company established in accordance with Belgian law, a company established in accordance with Belgian law, with its social seat at Lokerenbaan 70, 9240 Zele, Belgium and registered in the Crossroads Bank of Enterprises with company number BE0719.565.004. Caldr can be contacted on hello@caldr.com or by phone on +32 52 26 21 29. Caldr and the User may hereinafter be referred to jointly as the “Parties” and separately as the “Party”.

Who is Caldr?

Caldr develops software which helps the healthcare provider in optimizing the planning within his/her practice. By means of this software, Caldr enables efficient, data driven planning, prevents no-shows and refers patients to an available healthcare provider.

The objective of our software is to contribute to the health of the patient and to enable healthcare providers to organize their schedule more efficiently.


The User expressly confirms that he/she is fully aware of the content of the T&C, and expressly agrees thereto. In any case it is understood that the User implicitely agrees to the T&C by making use of the website. Therefore, we recommend the User to carefully read through these Terms & Conditions.

Caldr reserves the right to modify the present Terms & Conditions from time to time. In such event the most recent version of the T&C will be put available on the website.

Processing of personal data

The User expressly confirms that he/she is fully aware of the content of the Privacy Policy and the Cookie Policy, and expressly agrees thereto.

Access to the website

Access to our website is granted on a temporary basis. Caldr reserves the right to deny, restrict or modify access to our website. Caldr shall not be held liable for unavailability of the website whenever or for whatever reason. Access to parts of our website may be restricted from time to time.

Users who use the Caldr website are bound by the guidelines regarding reasonable use of the website.

Reasonable use

The website can only be used for legal and/or legitimate objectives. The User shall refrain to use our website from, without the following list being exhaustive:

  • in ways which violate local, national or international regulations;
  • in ways which are fraudulent or lack legitimacy, of which create consequences in that sense;
  • unwanted and not permitted uploading ads or promotion material;
  • knowingly uploading or placing damaging information, data or files in whatever format on whatever carrier, like viruses, spyware, middleware and adware.

The User expressly agrees to, without prejudice any admittance in accordance with the present T&C, not reproduce, duplicate or sell anything from our website without the express consent of Caldr.

The User shall expressly refrain from accessing parts of the website which he/she does not have access to, as well as, to damage or disrupt the website, including the software, the location and the network.

Users who use the website in violation with these guidelines regarding reasonable use can be held liable.

Obligations of the User

The User explicitly confirms that the information he/she provides is real, correct and genuine, whether it concerns information relating to his/her personal identity or information of others. The User is hereby informed that using a false identity and spreading false information may entail civil and/or penal prosecution.


Relying on publications

Publications, comments, blog posts or any material published on our website serve an informative and/or educative objective, and cannot be considered (tailor-made) advice in respect of the User upon which one can rely without further confideration. Caldr rejects any liability for damages pursuant thereto.

Website updates

Our website is regularly updated, as a result of which the content of the website can be modified from time to time or be deleted. Caldr reserves the right to make the website unavailable, be it temporarily or definitively. Caldr cannot be held liable for any damages pursuant thereto.

Intellectual property

No transfer

Caldr is the owner of all intellectual property rights and all material published on our website, or has rightfully received the licenses to use such rights or materials. Nor the use of the website, nor the Terms & Conditions entail any transfer whatsoever of intellectual property rights to the User.

Copyrights and referencing

All publications of whatever nature, and in particular the publications on the blog site of Caldr, are copyright protected and exclusively belong to Caldr.

Nevertheless, Caldr allows Users to reproduce or duplicate publications published on the website for informative and/or educative objectives in whatever format, insofar one (a) clearly mentions that it concerns a reproduction or duplication and (b) cites the original source in a correct manner. Without the express consent of Caldr the User is prohibited from spreading for pecuniary reasons any publication of which the copyrights belong to Caldr.

Whenever the User spreads original ideas and/or insights which were found in publications of Caldr, said User shall cite the original source.

One shall cite or refer to publications on the websie of Caldr as follows: [initials first name author] [last name author], “[Title]”, Caldr [date or year], [url].

When the author’s name is not mentioned, one shall cite or refer to publications on the websie of Caldr as follows: “[Title]”, Caldr [date or year], [url].


No image whatsoever on the website of Caldr, including the logo of Caldr, can be reproduced or duplicated in whatever way in whatever format without the express consent of Caldr.


The name “Caldr” is a Benelux registered trademark.

Linking from and to the Caldr website

Linking from the Caldr website

Relating to links on the website of Caldr to other websites and/or third party sources, Caldr declares having obtained the required consent of the parties concerned and/or complying with copyright laws by referring to the original source material.

Caldr has no control over the content of those websites or sources. Caldr shall dismiss any liability for damages or losses, which a User may incur by using those websites or sources.

Linking to the Caldr website

Should a User want to create a link to the Caldr website, this is allowed insofar one does so in a legal and legitimate way, insofar the reputation or image of Caldr is not being damaged and insofar the User is the owner of the medium where the link is placed onto. Should a User link to the Caldr website, one cannot, unless agreed otherwise, give the impression that there is a partnership, association, approval or recommendation from and/or on behalf of Caldr. When one links to the Caldr website, one shall link to the homepage of the Caldr website mentioning the .com domain.

Caldr shall reserve the right to object to linking to its website.

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