Caldr, the full-fledged solution for an optimal balance between healthcare provider and patient

Healthcare providers like general practitioners and dentists have packed schedules. Patient stops or waiting lists of 4 and even 9 months are no exception. But there is a mismatch between patient and healthcare provider. First of all, research shows that 5 to 10% of the patients who have an appointment, do not show up without (timely) notifying. Secondly, healthcare providers have too little data on the duration of consultations. The duration is often estimated based on intuition or consultations are schedule based on standardized time blocks of 15 or 20 minutes. Caldr offers a solution.

Meet caldr, an online platform enabling:

  • dynamic and efficient planning of consultations

    Caldr schedules consultations dynamically and efficiently by taking into account data regarding the patient, the healthcare provider, the type of treatment and last-minute cancelations. 

  • prediction and prevention of no-shows

    Caldr predicts the risk on no-show and prevents them by addressing the patient in a personalized way and by interacting with the patient without human intervention.

  • referrals in case of urgency

    Caldr refers the patient in case of urgency to an available healthcare provider within the same practice in first instance, and only in second instance outside the practice.

  • centralization of communication

    Caldr centralizes the communication between patient and healthcare provider in diverse channels (e.g., Whatsapp, sms, e-mail, …) in one and the same interface. Efficient communication in a secure environment.

The patients gets help faster and the healthcare provider can help more patients. By providing the patient with better access to the healthcare he/she needs and by motivating the patient to show up for the appointment, the (opportunity) cost for society decreases. The right care will be administered faster, as a result of which the average cost of healthcare will decrease.


For the healthcare provider
  • Less no-shows.
    Caldr identifies the risk of no-shows and matches the right two-way communication with the patient through the right channel (e.g., Whatsapp, sms, e-mail, …). When a patient does not respond to the communication, a co-worker of the practice will be notified to contact the patient for instance by telephone.
  • Full schedules.
    By reducing no-shows the healthcare provider has a fuller working schedule. As a result, he/she earns more. When the patient timely cancels an appointment, Caldr will (semi-) automatically fill up the windows in the working schedule.
  • Less interruptions.
    As the patient can schedule appointments autonomously and all communication in this regard is taken care of by Caldr, the healthcare provider does not longer get interrupted during consultations.
  • Away with repetitive work and administrative burden. 
    Caldr takes care of the repetitive and administrative works regarding the planning of consultations. Hence, healthcare providers and their colleagues can give their full attention to the patient.
  • A single interface for communication.
    Whether the patient communicates through Whatsapp, sms, email or whatever digital communication channel, the healthcare provider can communicate through a single interface. When using Caldr, you respond when it suits you.
  • Less people waiting in your waiting room.
    De patient gets notified in real-time when he/she is expected. When the healthcare provider has an advance or delay on his/her schedule, the patient gets notified. Result: less people waiting in your waiting room.
  • Stay on top.
    As the chance of consultations and working schedules running longer than expected is strongly reduced, the healthcare provider has more grip on his/her schedule. Healthcare providers will save more time, which can be spent the way he/she wants.
  • Full-fledged solution.
    Although limited, some patients do not communicate with their healthcare provider through digital channels. Together with several contact centers we offer a full-fledged solution for planning consultations, both online and offline.
For patients
  • Losing less time in waiting rooms.
    Patients get notified in real-time regarding when exactly they are expected. When the healthcare provider has an advance or delay on his/her schedule, the patient gets notified. Result: less waiting time.
  • Shorter waiting lists.
    The schedule of the healthcare provider gets organized more efficiently. The healthcare provider can help more patients within the same period of time as a result of which the waiting lists decrease.
  • Always a solution in case of urgent care.
    Whenever the patient needs urgent care, and the regular healthcare provider is not available, Caldr refers the patient to an available healthcare provider in first instance within the same practice, and in second instance outside the practice.
  • Faster rehabilitation.
    Patients get better and faster access to the healthcare they need by organizing the working schedule of healthcare providers more efficiently, reducing waiting lists and referring patients to an available healthcare provider. As a result, patients regain their health faster. 
  • Modern communication with healthcare providers.
    Research shows that a staggering 82% of patients want to communicate with their healthcare provider through digital channels. Caldr enables efficient digital communication between patients and healthcare providers.
  • All healthcare providers in one place.
    Caldr centralizes all healthcare providers in one place around the patient. The patient can reach out to his/her general practitioner, dentist, pharmacy, … from one single platform.
  • The entire family in one place.
    People can easily link with children, partner or any other person one takes care of to his/her profile. Creating an appointment with the dentist for the entire family is as easy and fast as for oneself.
  • No patient left behind.
    Also for patients who have not yet boarded the digital train or who simply do not want to communicate with their healthcare provider via digital challenge, Caldrs offers a solution. Together with several contact centers we can help any patient.

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